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Thank you to the experts and authors in advance for your time and participation in this forum. I would like to say hello and introduce myself. I am a 3rd Year Medical Student at Oakland University-William Beaumont School of Medicine in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Over the course of this 10-day discussion, the moderators will be posting a question each morning. As a guide for our discussion, we will be using the highly anticipated article titled, “ Ezetimibe Added to Statin Therapy Following Acute Coronary Syndromes”. Congratulations to the authors on these exciting findings and a fantastic paper. I look forward to a lively and enlightening discussion.

To start off, I would like to ask a few background questions to put this research into context. What are your thoughts on the treatment guidelines and goals of care for patients with acute coronary syndrome? What challenges do physicians and patients face? To the authors, what was the motivation behind the pursuit of this study?