Question special

Thanks to our experts and to Dr. Hwang for kicking us off. What an insightful discussion and it's only day 2!

I'd like to ask our experts how we can better incorporate teaching innovation at the med school and residency level.

Context: Many docs-in-training I've come across will describe our journey as a "survival period". To put it lightly, the curriculum can seem very dense, often not leaving much room for outside pursuits. Also, it's unclear whether being involved in innovation projects (like a start-up or any "idea" translation) is a priority when we're applying to residency/fellowships. Many of us may feel it's safer to follow the straight path for now and worry about innovation once we're practitioners because there are few outlets to engage.

My personal opinion is innovation is it's own "specialty" and necessitates a core knowledge base, close guidance and lots of practice from an early start. Is there any way to incorporate such a training in our current model?