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Good morning everyone and welcome to Day 1 of the NEJM Res360 Discussion “Do I Need an Online Presence? Social Media as a Resident, Medical Student, and Beyond.”

I and my fellow moderators are very excited for this topic!

We’d first like to acknowledge and thank our large panel of experts. Here we have a diverse group across specialities with varied social media audiences. We look forward to generating thoughtful and informative discussion in the days ahead.

Our hope is to pose daily questions that cover a spectrum of concerns regarding social media use in medicine – from building a following to identifying what is appropriate online content – we aim to at least touch on them all!

We also welcome and encourage our followers’ individual questions.

To get us started:

What are the unique advantages of the different social networking sites for physicians in training or practice? IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc...

If you want to build an online presence, should you focus on 1-2?