Question special

Would love to hear more about the intervention itself or thoughts from others in this discussion group.

- What was the cultural makeup of the population? For example, percentage patients non-English speaking. I don't see this in table 1 and I'm curious about how to apply this intervention to a diverse population (for example, at Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), majority of our patients do not speak English as a primary language -- and we have a mix of Haitian-Creole, Portuguese Brazilian, and Spanish as common languages).

- I think it's so wonderful that the patients received portion-controlled food in the first month. However, was the food the same for everyone? Or were you able to incorporate cultural factors (e.g. our nutrition counseling for Haitian-Creole vs. Portuguese Brazilian patients to very different).

- And for the intervention, did you need to create any buy-in for patients? I know this was not overtly covered by your paper (assuming that only those who wanted to lose weight enrolled). Just thinking as a primary care provider it can be difficult if patients do not identify weight loss as a priority (with other competing life priorities or even cultural and societal views on being obese as being beautiful/ prosperous etc.).