Question special

Language matters a great deal to all of us. Being intentional about the words we use is critical to a productive conversation; therefore, we are including a note on the language that will be used throughout the discussions.

Many of us self-identify as disabled and take pride in reclaiming that title. However, we recognize there are many ways to self-identify, and we have chosen to use “trainees living with illness, health conditions and/or disabilities” in our question stems in an attempt to capture multiple experiences students may have with their conditions. We encourage everyone, including participants, moderators, and experts, to use the language that fits their lived experience.

As we discuss race, we ask that all participants use words that clarify specifically who they are speaking about. The experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and white people all vary tremendously as a result of the historic and current discrimination and violence against People of Color in our medical system. If we are referring to a specific race, or a specific group, we will be explicit in doing so to avoid equating the experience of all racially or ethnically marginalized people, or all people with health conditions, disabilities, and/or illnesses.

Finally, none of us are perfect and we may make mistakes in our language. We ask that everyone in this conversation be receptive to feedback if someone asks you to clarify your language or point out that you said something harmful. This is how we learn and grow, and we are thrilled to do so with each of you!