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Moving on to pharmacologic treatment of infants with NAS, Table 1 shows that both the proportion of infants with NAS who received pharmacotherapy as well as the mean duration of therapy increased significantly. Figure 3 shows that at least in NICUs in the Pediatrix CDW, proportion of infants treated with morphine increased, while clonidine use rose slightly since 2011. Use of phenobarbitol peaked in 2009, while methadone use peaked in 2011; both have been decreasing since those peaks.

How do these data correspond to your own practices? Are more infants infants being treated with medications? Are they being treated for longer? Are you seeing more exposures to polypharmacy?

Are more infants being treated with morphine? Do you use phenobarbitol or clonidine or methadone? In what clinical context do you use those medications?