Question special

Thank you to Dr. Bennett for your participation and clear explanation of different types of variables as well as the purpose of the sensitivity analysis in this study.

Let's take the next several days to walk through the results before shifting to a more open discussion. Clearly, both NICU admissions for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) as well as the proportion of NICU days attributable to NAS have increased dramatically since 2006-2007. Have providers seen these levels of increase in their own NICUs? What about infants cared for on the pediatric ward or the newborn nursery? In other words, do these results generalize to other contexts?

How are increases in gestational age or decreases in cesarean section births, late preterm status, or requirement of respiratory support related to the increasing incidence of infants with NAS? Is this a causal relationship or an association? Are these changes in characteristics clinically relevant?