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The incidence of symptomatic forms of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children is low (1-5%) and the prognosis is good. Indications for fibroscopies in consultation should be reduced to only those cases that are indispensable and cannot be deferred. Maximum precautions must be taken when performing them, in particular by wearing a "Filtering FacePiece type 2" (FFP2) mask. The same precautions apply to nose washes with saline solution when performed in a hospital environment, as well as to tracheotomy care. For suspicions of inhaled foreign bodies and outside of clinically obvious cases, it is recommended to prescribe a chest CT scan before scheduling a possible endoscopy under general anaesthesia. Surgical indications should be limited to emergencies and cases that cannot be postponed for more than two months, especially if these surgeries concern the airways and especially the nasal fossae and cavum. Ideally, decisions should be made collegially and recorded in writing. Surgical techniques should be adapted to the risks of viral spread. In confirmed or suspected cases or systematically for certain centres, maximum conditions of individual protection including the wearing of an FFP2 mask and protective glasses are recommended for the caregivers present in the operating room.