Question special

Thank you again for everyone's participation and thoughtful responses. Students, residents, and fellows, here is your chance to ask a bunch of experts your questions! Let's see if we can't get up to 10 comments and answers today.

To summarize yesterday's discussion, most places use scoring scales like the Finnegan and treat NAS using medications such as neonatal morphine, methadone, phenobarbitol, and clonidine, but it seems like what matters most is adherence to a protocol.

Shifting to more specific questions about the publication, let's learn a little bit more about the Pediatrix Clinical Data Warehouse and BabySteps. As a resident or fellow learning to do research, what data would you want or need to determine what is changing about infants with NAS over time? What kind of dataset is CDW and BabySteps? What information does it contain? What information might we want that it doesn't have? And why is it particularly good for answering the questions we have about NAS?