Question special

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first day's discussion about neonatal abstinence syndrome. To summarize, NAS occurs after in utero exposure to opioids and presents in the first days of life with hypertonia, autonomic instability, irritability, poor feeding, and poor weight gain. In addition to NAS, structural brain abnormalities and sepsis (meningitis) can present with similar findings.

I know it's a bit early for the second day, but I wanted to sneak a post in before boarding a plane to get back to Boston. Continuing with framing questions for trainees, how does a provider diagnose NAS? Are there protocols for scoring severity of NAS symptoms? And how do we treat it? What medications do providers use? What is the data behind these medications? What are the side effect of those medications? Are there any new medications or controversial medications that providers use?

Thank you again for your participation.