Question special

So after what feels like a lifetime of lectures, classes, and exams, you've finally made it to this point. Congrats, Docs! At the same time, no one expects you to be an expert on all things at at times at this point. Part of what makes being a resident unique among other occupations is that you are also a learner as well as a doer.

For the experts on the panel, do you recall what you were most nervous about before or during your first month as a doctor? For me, I was incredibly anxious that the patient care tasks that I collected during morning rounds everyday were impossibly numerous and complex.

I would sweat bullets by noon everyday thinking: "It would be impossible to organize and do all this in a day." But with the help of my teammates, nurses, and supervising residents we always manged to get them all done by the end of the day. And each day I thought it was a miracle.

Now I realize that I may have been a little dramatic ;-) but I hope new doctors feel able to use this forum to ask any question, great or small. Remember, nothing is trivial. And congrats on your first days of being bonafide practicing doctors!