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I humbly put forth the following comments:

No one should doubt that computers (and robotic nurses and surgeons) will eliminate a great deal of what many doctors do on a regular basis. IBM Watson powered clinical insights will be MORE reliable than those of the best human doctor. What will be left? The art of medicine.

Computers will spell out likelihoods and treatment options, with all the evidence based stats that exist. But for the next few decades at least, human patients will often still need a human to explain, beyond the computers' capabilities. These future doctors MUST be able to sit, listen at length, empathize, think outside the box, make the extra effort to find a solution (which may include social and financial considerations) and then wrap this all up in a concise package for the patient.

The time will come when computers can simulate empathy as well. At that point, doctors will once again need to redefine themselves and the medical profession.