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Lead Moderator

For the next week we will be exploring the topic of "work-life balance" in medicine, including: defining what exactly "work-life balance" may mean; whether or not "work-life balance" an achievable goal; the personal and profession benefits and set-backs; tried & true methods for achieving "work-life balance"; and propose methods for how we might be able to better attain "work-life balance" in the future.

To begin our discussion, I would like to lay down a common foundation of understanding of what is meant when we say "work-life balance" & uses these various definitions build our discussion for the next week. Since, "work-life balance" is a very subjective as it means different things to different people, what does "work-life balance" mean to you personally? What do you think people typically think of when they hear the phrase "work-life balance"? How does this sync or differ from its personal meaning?