Question special

Do you feel that there was treatment inertia in the conservative group? There were fewer patients in the conservative group who received prone ventilation despite the baseline PaO2/FiO2 ratios being similar, which would suggest that there was a similar number of patients in both groups that met the criteria of a ratio of <150 unless there was a large number of outliers.

The paper also mentioned that the average PEEP was also lower in the conservative group. I wonder if the results of the study would have been different is the conservative and liberal groups were based on target FiO2 ranges to maintain a minimum PaO2 or SpO2. I understand this would be tricky because the FiO2 can be directly manipulated by the clinician, but this may have increased the utilisation of high PEEP in the conservative group (which may have otherwise been avoided because it would raise the PaO2).