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Steroids are a good first attempt, but quercetin is even better. 1 gram q 24 hr should prevent it, and 1 gm q 12 hr treats it. Oral is good enough. Anybody in hospital with COVID19 should be given 1 gm bid quercetin. Any housestaff exposed to COVID19 patients should take 1 gm qd quercetin prophylactically.

Quercetin, the most common plant flavonoid, and a major ingredient of curry, is, remarkably, a specific inhibitor of the mast cell MRGPRX2 receptor, with a Ki in the uM range. Quercetin is freely soluble in alcohol but not in water, yet its limited bioavailability does not appear to be a problem because of its high affinity. The MRGPRX2 receptor activates Fc-epsilon-RI and IgE signaling in the absence of IgE. COVID19's 419 aa nucleocapsid, with its highly basic stretch of aa's (369KKDKKKK375) downstream from a hydrophobic region conforms to the structure of a basic secretagogue like mastoparan, compound 48/80, and Substance P. These activate mast cell degranulation via the MRGPRX2 receptor.