Question normal

Physical Exam:
The patient's general physical examination was unremarkable.

Blood pressure 120/75 mm Hg, pulse 85 beats per minute, respiratory rate 20 breaths per minute, and temperature 36.5°C.

Neurologic Exam:
Neurological examination revealed severe language compromise characterized by slow, effortful speech with anomia, agraphia, and impaired repetition.

The patient was unable to cross herself or to pantomime a teeth-brushing motion (see Video 1), she couldn't fold a letter and place it in an envelope (see Video 2), and she could not lie down on the couch (see Video 3). She was also unable to put on her jacket (see Video 4) and exhibited great difficulty when trying to put on her glasses (see Video 5). The extraocular movements were normal. She had facial hypomimia, a cogwheel phenomenon in the left wrist, myoclonic jerks in the upper extremities, and absence of arm swing while walking.