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The key point of any defense against acute viral infection including acute viral respiratory infection and also Covid-19 is natural immunity with enough level of cytotoxic NK cells. A level of functional cytotoxic NK cells is very important for the final prognosis of clinical course Covid-19. Immunological and clinical research in the past 5 years showed, that immunostimulant inosine pranobex (IP), commonly known as inosine acedoben dimepranol, isoprinosine or methisoprinol can be effective in the treatment of any acute viral respiratory disease. The drug was initially authorized in 1971 and is currently marketed in more than 70 countries worldwide for the treatment of viral infections.
Research at Birmingham University proved, that after 90 min after starting treatment with IP there is an increase in cytotoxic NK cells and the level of NK cell after 5 days is double. In another study, the authors showed that IP via metabolic activation influences NKG2D ligand induction, leading to increased NKG2D‐dependent target cell immunogenicity.
The knowledge of IP antiviral activity, when is used from beginning of the infection, can be used for the treatment of Covid-19 as an acute viral disease. In the elderly, who are immunosenescenced and for people with a significant chronic disease, or for health care workers (HCW) who can be repeatedly exposed to the virus SARS-CoV-2 the standard dose can be 1g (2 tablets)/4 times per day for 7-14 days or 2 days after symptoms resolution.
The recommended schedule for prevention of severe infection of Covid-19 at HCW is 1tablet applied twice