Question special

Hot off the presses, a new USMLE Step 1 score reporting policy from three digit numerical to pass/fail was announced today, to be implemented no earlier than January 1, 2022. Because MD-PhD students often complete Step 1 prior to the graduate phase, there will be students with three digit scores who will be evaluated for residency against peers in the Class of 2024 or later with pass/fail scores. At the same time, certain of these MD-PhD students will have pass/fail scores for preclinical coursework and lower AOA membership due to the rigid timing requirements of AOA and less predictable timing of M3 entrance should the G-phase have any delays (as research is wont to do). What are the implications for students with numerical scores in this context? What metrics will become more important for evaluating students in the era of pass/fail Step 1 reporting? (For example, will Step 2 numerical scores increase in significance?) And how might students best succeed with respect to these metrics, for example, given the relative subjectivity in clerkship grading for the M3 year?

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