Question special

Thanks, David! I'd also like to welcome everyone to a much-anticipated NEJM Group Open Forum on firearm injury research. This is a complicated but timely topic and there are a host of important issues to be discussed. Over the course of the conversation, the moderators and I will pose a series of questions to our panel of experts. We encourage our panelists and viewers to chime in with their own questions as well!

My name is Elorm Avakame and I am a second-year student at Harvard Medical School. I'm originally from Philadelphia, a city burdened by significant morbidity and mortality due to firearm-related injuries, and I think a lot about how to address those issues as a future physician. I'm excited to hear from the nation's experts in the field.

As a follow-up to David's question, I want to invite each of the panelists to share a bit about their motivations for getting involved in this work. What originally drew you to spend your careers thinking about these issues?