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Chief Resident

Dr. Lascarrou,
I would like to echo Dr. Peddi's comments that this was a very well thought out and executed trial.

One thing that struck my eye was the rate of Bystander CPR among patients included in this trial. Bystander CPR is known to increase survival by 2 or 3 fold, but the AHA estimates bystander CPR occurs in less that 50% of case here in the States, which seem to be consistent with the rates in Paris by the Sudden Cardiac Death Expertise Center. In your trial, bystander CPR was performed only 70% of the time in both groups, and a majority of your patients were out of hospital arrests. The exclusion criteria of no-flow and low-flow time likely explain part of this difference. Are there any other reasons you can think of to this difference?

It is notable that over 90% of arrests were witnessed, but only 70% of patients received bystander CPR. Have you come across any successful methods of increasing this? Thank you.