Question normal

Thank you Dr.Lascarrou for your time in clarifying questions to our residents. I really appreciate it. This is a well-conducted study I like it by the fact it is randomized and blinded in particular outcomes assessors to minimize the bias. The results show that Targeted temperature 33 F as supposed to normothermia improved neurologic recovery CPC1/2 categories by Absolute reduction of 4.5% and NNT is 22. (1 out 5 would benefit approximately.
With regards to following up on Dr.Cao's question- Would u be able to share what were the median times of no-flow and low flow times in each group (33 vs 37) as this could have influenced the outcomes of neurological recovery. Would it possible to share data on other prognostic variables that could have influenced the outcomes like percentage of prior strokes in each group, the percentage of in-hospital cardiac arrest and bystander CPR in each group were they similar in each group?