Question special

Determining what internal medicine docs should be able to do with something so new and exciting as POCUS is not easy. I would like to generate some discussion on this topic! A recent release by the Journal of Hospital Medicine (co-authored by Renee) should help us:

To ease into the conversation, I point out some skills that I think might still be controversial. Please feel free to add or subtract at your discretion:
1/ LV hypertrophy
2/ Assessment of valvulopathies (beyond gross, e.g. color or pulsed doppler)
3/ We touched upon measuring CO (LVOTd/LVOT VTI) thanks to PJ!
4/ Lung beyond basics (e.g. Dynamic vs. Static air bronchograms?)
5/ DVT study (non-believers still out there).
6/ AAA
7/ Fractures
8/ For procedures, the only one might be LP.
9/ Clot in transit... just kidding!

Finally, would the answers change at all for a trainee?