Question special

A vital part of moving POCUS forward is to demonstrate its usefulness, right?

Assessing outcomes is ideal. We should strive for that, but it's hard. A lot of the literature that I have found focuses on diagnostic accuracy. Most of the time, this entails comparing POCUS vs. other imaging tests (CXR, CT, etc.) or POCUS vs. all available clinical data. Of course, POCUS still ends up being similar (if not better) in most cases. We should go over those studies (e.g. BLUE), but my questions today are:

1/ How do you think about POCUS? Is it a part of the physical exam or another diagnostic modality?
2/ If you answered "part of the physical exam," do you have any good study at hand that compares it to other physical exam modalities (inspection, palpation, auscultation, etc.)?
3/ Is the concept that many of us have of POCUS reflected on the way we are approaching clinical questions? (i.e. should we be comparing palpation alone vs. palpation + POCUS to assess spleen size?)

By comparing POCUS with the big guns, are we already well beyond what we could have expected of it in the first place?