Question special

During the next few days, we will take advantage of this outstanding group of experts of disparate backgrounds (GIM, Cardiology, PCCM, Global Health, etc.). With them, we will try to get to the bottom of many important questions surrounding POCUS: What is the data behind POCUS? How do you go about learning it? What are the first steps in developing a curriculum?... We hope this becomes a participative space, so any and all questions are welcome. Fernando and I will do our best to keep the conversation coherent and suggest new directions every once in a while.

But first, a disclaimer. POCUS is very much a skill that hinges on practice. This forum is probably not the best medium to talk about specific technical details. And, although we hope that you come out of this energized and aiming to scan every heart, lung, and IVC that you can find, you will not become an expert just by reading along. You have to get your "reps" in!

These are some questions that I thought might be good conversation starters:
- What separates POCUS from formal ultrasound?
- Why should people bother to learn POCUS?
- Do you remember an “aha moment” that convince you of the usefulness of POCUS?