Question special

I realize this is similar to a question asked by Dr. Nieder, but I thought I would phrase it a little more provocatively.

All docs are asked to do and be a lot of things. But if hospitals are penalized for re-admissions, then hospital systems would be very interested in enhancing discharge continuity to reduce their re-admission rates. By asking the PCP to join the hospitalist team, we would add another responsibility and another layer of complexity to their reimbursement process (not to mention the time-crunch!). So asking the hospitalist to take the lead on coordinating discharge planning with the PCP makes a lot of sense to me.

But I also recognize that PCPs are looking for ways to improve patient care and experience while enhancing reimbursement. I just think we should probably focus on ways to pay PCPs for the things they're already doing rather than asking them to add another complicated responsibility to their already jam-packed schedules.