Question normal

Hello everyone,

I am a PGY IM resident and am undecided about what I want to after residency for sure yet. Many colleagues of mine in my year have already made their decisions about subspecialization. I wanted to ask our experts here and those following along, what strategies would you use to begin to tease out what you will eventually choose? Is it common sense in the sense that we will not know until we get a chance to experience electives in those subspecialties? Anything else we can do to help ourselves? I have a few interests in mind subspecialty wise.

I know some things are for sure, I feel like I want to end up in a university/academic system (as I am now) after residency as I definitely want to be in a teaching and leadership atmosphere. Does that still make it possible to sub specialize or do most individuals going this direction end up in GIM as hospitalist or PCPs in today's current medical atmosphere?

Thanks for your time and feedback!