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Good morning everyone,

There has been much referenced as our experts have responded to your posts about how to best choose programs to apply to in your specialty of choice as well as determining your relative strength as an applicant to match based on the number of interviews you have received and attended. Personally, I feel like these are invaluable points our experts have highlighted so I wanted to bring them back to the forefront. If our experts have any further comments on how our followers can utilize these resources, please respond to this thread.

- NRMP's Interactive Database for "Charting Outcomes in the MATCH"
- NRMP's Program Director Survey

Both of the above are accessible via the NRMP website.

An additional resource I have used is Match-a-Resident. This website is a helpful and popular online tool that asks you to input things like your USMLE scores, years since graduation, visa sponsorship requirement, and presence/absence of US clinical experience to help you filter out programs that would be more likely to offer you an interview. You then pay a subscription fee of 70-90 dollars per specialty list to gain access to the data itself for the entire match season. The info here is not exact by any means, but along with your own program research it serves as a great supplemental tool.

Thank you all so far for a great discussion on several different issues IMGs face in applying for residency. Please continue to ask questions so we may address as many of them as possible!