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A lot of emphasis is made on doing research, if possible in the US, prior to application prime time. Many IMGs are lucky enough to find a research spot that offers visa and have been working for the past few months or even a year on a project. After interview season is over, the final arrangements will have to be made. I know it looks like a lifetime away but I would like to stress the fact that its not, and many people end up having to run around during the last few weeks prior to July 1st while hoping to complete ongoing projects. For regular J1 visa application, the process is easier, but transitioning out of a research visa encompasses the hoop of requiring Department of State approval and more documents to take care of. How many people are in this situation? Are you aware of the process? When are you planning of starting arrangements?

To other experts in the forum. Do you have any advice for prospective applicants?

Here are some resources that I found useful: