Question special

Hello everyone and welcome to the discussion "Applying for Residency as an International Medical Graduate (IMG)." Dr. Fernandes and I will be your discussion moderators for the next 10 days. We would like to welcome our expert panelists and look forward to a great discussion useful for IMGs all around the world applying to residency this year and in upcoming years.

To begin, for those that are tuning into this discussion this week but are unaware - an IMG is anyone that attended and graduated from medical school outside of the United States. This can include schools in the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. Their are two types of IMGs, U.S. IMGs and non-U.S. IMGs or FMGs. U.S. IMGs are U.S. citizens who attended medical school abroad. Non-U.S. IMGs or FMGs are non-U.S. citizens who attended medical school in their home country or otherwise. Ultimately, the goal is the same - to match into residency. We all have to jump through some of the same hurdles to graduate from medical school and apply to residency. I, for example, am a U.S. IMG PGY-1 Internal Medicine Resident and graduate of a Caribbean Medical school Class of 2017.

During my application cycle last year so many different questions came up as to how to best ready myself for the application process as well as how to function during the interview season itself to obtain more interviews.

Question 1, open-ended: From the perspective of current residents/fellows/attendings, what can current or future applicants do (aside from performance on USMLE exams), to strengthen their application?