Question special

Only 3 patients in IV group and 3 in oral group were included however in a prospective multicenter cohort study conducted last year by Spanish Collaboration on Endocarditis , A significant proportion of cases of IE (5.6%) were recorded in cancer patients, mainly as a consequence of medical interventions.

1-What are the maligancies that where included in the study ?

2-Patients with hematological disease , on immune suppresant and immune compromised were excluded for the study; Does this include patient with hematological malignancies?

3-A good number of patients with streptococcus bovis and enterococcus included in the study do they have synchronous malignancy?

could the patients with cancer be the population for Upcoming trial with partial oral antibiotic therapy as the are not perfectly stable as POET population and could include IV access infection , hemodialysis patient , MRSA patient and all other population and this could eliminated the referral bias ?