Question special

Good morning! As we get ready to close this discussion tonight, Liane, Mariya, and I want to thank all who have participated over the past month. From the followers of this discussion to our expert panelists, thank you for your contributions and efforts to drive the conversation about surviving the first month as a doctor for all the new PGY-1 resident physicians out there. Please take some time to make some final comments on the posted questions.

We hope that those PGY-1s that tuned into our discussion were able to take away some helpful hints to help in the first months of your residencies. To our experts, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to participate in our month-long discussion. Your insights are invaluable. Lastly, thank you to NEJM Resident360 for creating a forum to foster such mentorship.

Best wishes to all! It's been our pleasure to serve as your moderators and learn alongside you.

- Liane, Mariya, and Josh