Question normal

Hello sir.
My 37 years old patient had history of childhood abdominal pain which sattled itself at the age of fifteen and now again he had severe pain and had workup which showed uncinate process of pancrease calcification along with raised serum igG 4 levels which was 155mg/dl normal being is 2 to 96.
Now his hba1 se is 7.0 three months back it was 7.6 and since than he was on metformin 850mg tds dose.

Currently he is asymptomatic wanted to ask.

Either he need only oral medications or he will have to switch to insulin after uncinate process calcification.

He had kidney stone as well plus licen planus and now autoimmune pancreatitis,is it some syndrome im unable to diagnose.

What are the treatment modalities and role of monoclinal antibodies.
What futher workup i should follow now.