Question special

Good evening! In the spirit of the generous and valuable advice gathered so far, I think it is fitting we touch on the topic of mentorship.

There is a wealth of information in the medical education literature regarding the importance of mentorship. In fact, this past September 2017, NEJM Resident 360 hosted a separate discussion dedicated solely to this topic (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Establishing and Fostering Successful Mentorship). A corresponding page is linked below.

Many of us likely received mentorship in multiple forms thus far - upper-level peers who provided invaluable wisdom on how to navigate coursework, junior faculty who guided us through a first research project, and senior faculty who supported our career visions and steered us accordingly. To pay it forward, we may also serve as mentors ourselves to those who follow behind us.

Q: As new PGY1s, especially for those in a new institution and city, how did you identify and establish mentorship? What type of advice do you seek from your upper-levels (residents, chiefs) versus faculty (attendings, program directors)? For those interested in sub-specializing, either as a preliminary moving to advanced residency or a categorical looking to fellowship, did you begin your search as a PGY1?