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Just like starting your day in clinic or in the hospital with a full charge to your device, entering residency with a healthy self-awareness and assessment as a learner is vital. For many 4th year students, prior to starting on July 1st, their skillsets were last critically being analyzed leading up to and during the residency application process. After match day and awaiting graduation, what reflections and self-study tools are subsequently utilized to help the learner become more aware of their strengths and areas needing improvement as they often enter a new environment, new system, and new culture? Are known mentors from medical school available to help in this reflection and self-assessment of skills (clinical reasoning, time management, situational awareness, limits/guardrails, communication, etc.)? Could this awareness of strong "arrows in the quiver" as well as the "pebbles in my shoe" allow for learners and future residency supervisors to aid in these transitions to both accelerate the success and strengthen the nurturing of ongoing improvement?