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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Day 1 of the NEJM Discussion “Prepping for PGY1: What You Need to Know Before Starting Residency.” Hena, Francesca, and I are very excited to be your moderators for this topic!

We’d first like to acknowledge and thank our large panel of experts. Here we have a diverse group of experts – faculty, program directors, residents, and interns - and we look forward to generating thoughtful and informative discussion in the days ahead.

Our hope is to pose daily questions that cover a spectrum of concerns on the minds of incoming PGY1s – from identifying helpful resources to developing efficiency as an intern and maintaining wellness – we aim to at least least touch on them all!

We also welcome and encourage our followers’ individual questions and thank those who have already contributed.

In addition to commenting on the questions below, I would love for our experts to share their thoughts on a common question this time of year:

With July 1st only two months away, is there anything you wish you had done in the months prior to starting your intern year? This could be about resources, specific topics to brush up on, or developing a certain attitude and mindset.