Question special

As we close out the discussion today, I want to start by thanking our distinguished panel of experts as well as everyone who tuned in for the discussion, asked thoughtful questions, and provided insightful responses. It can be a difficult topic to talk about as standardized testing often raises concerns and anxieties. Yet as our panelists have pointed out, there are many ways to not only survive testing, but also to thrive! Turning to friends and support systems, utilizing effective resources from among the many available, and knowing oneself and how to balance one's work and personal needs go a long way to making one successful on test day and in the weeks preceding. We hope these conversations have sparked interest and enthusiasm and given hope to each of us facing the inevitable tests and exams ahead.

On that note, I wanted to close out with a few final questions with a future-focused orientation. We've talked a lot about how standardized testing looks today and how to prepare. We've also started to address how tests have been changing in recent years. But what does the future landscape of testing look like? Two questions on the future of evaluation:

1) How might simulation and other technologies play a role in standardized testing in the future?
2) How might you redesign the current evaluation system to improve the standardized testing experience and process for medical students and trainees?

Thank you everyone, and all the best in your future testing endeavors! It's been our pleasure to come along for the ride and to learn from you all!

Galina & Krishan