Question special

I quickly want to say good morning and welcome to everyone joining in the discussion this week. iCOMPARE has been heavily anticipated and an exciting look into the minds and experiences of multiple parties involved in postgraduate medical education. It is my privilege to pose some questions, along with Dr. Komine, and hopefully help to generate meaningful discussion on the many factors addressed in the study.

To start off, the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) produced similar results for interns in flexible and standard programs, as well as for interns and trainees at all levels. On the other hand, interns in flexible programs were overwhelmingly more likely to report dissatisfaction with overall wellbeing and negative effects on their morale, health, and satisfaction with their career choice. And yet, program directors reported nearly the opposite, with those in standard programs reporting increased dissatisfaction in intern/resident morale and access to educational opportunities.

Might these discrepancies shed light on a disconnect between interns/residents and program leadership, or could they be artifacts of the survey questions and/or study design? What conversations should occur between these two groups as future policies are crafted?