Question special

Good morning everyone and welcome to the NEJM Discussion “How to Ace Your Next Standardized Exam.” Krishan and I are super excited to be your moderators for this important topic and we look forward to what promises to be an exciting and informative discussion ahead. Before we begin, we’d first like to acknowledge and thank our large panel of experts. We have a very diverse group of individuals weighing in for this discussion, including faculty, residents, individuals with experience in the test-prep industry, and all levels of medical students who themselves are not too far removed from hitting the books!

We hope to take the discussion in several directions. Although a big focus will be on preparing for your next (inevitable) big exam including the best resources and strategies, we’d also welcome debate about the merits of standardized testing, the role of schools, programs, and curricula in preparing students, and what the future of testing in medicine could (and should) look like. Bring on the questions and comments!

To start, I’d love for each of our experts to share one piece of key wisdom or insight that they’ve picked up from their own test-taking experience (or from work in the industry) that they wish they had known as a medical student just starting out studying for a first standardized test. This could be about resources, study habits, or attitude and mindset. What advice would you give your past self and others facing their first big exam?