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What is NEJM Resident 360?

NEJM Resident 360 provides the information, resources, and support you need to approach your rotations — and life as a trainee — with confidence. NEJM Resident 360 was created to help build foundational knowledge and supplement your curriculum while connecting you with a supportive community of your peers, as well as experts for clinical and professional insight.

Can I join NEJM Resident 360 if I’m not a resident?

Anyone may create an account on NEJM Resident 360. The site is geared towards medical students and residents, but may be useful to many other health professionals. Membership is open to anyone.

What does NEJM Resident 360 cost?

Access to blogs, podcasts, and discussions on NEJM Resident 360 is free. Access to Rotation Prep content requires an individual or institutional subscription to NEJM Knowledge+. The Internal Medicine Critical Care, Pediatrics Critical Care, and Interactive Learning Resources guides are freely available for you to explore. To learn more and subscribe to NEJM Knowledge+, visit here.

How do I connect my individual or institutional subscription to NEJM Knowledge+ with my NEJM Resident 360 account?

You need to create your NEJM Resident 360 account with the same email address that you use for NEJM Knowledge+ in order to automatically have access to Rotation Prep when you sign in. To change the email address for your existing NEJM Resident 360 account, sign in and hover and click on Account Settings in the upper right corner.

How do I change my rotation or see content in other specialty areas in Rotation Prep?

Click on the “Change Rotation” button next to the name of the specialty rotation you are currently viewing, or visit Rotation Prep to make a different selection.

How do I participate in discussions?

In order to participate in discussions, you need to create an account on NEJM Resident 360, complete with a brief bio and photo. 

How do I change my email subscription settings?

When signed in to your NEJM Resident 360 account, hover in the upper right corner and click on Email Settings to adjust the emails and frequency with which you receive them. Or, select “Click here to modify your email settings or unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email.

How do I make my account private?

When signed in to your NEJM Resident 360 account, hover in the upper right corner and click on View & Edit profile, then click the Edit Profile button. From there, scroll to Privacy Settings and check the box, “Hide my profile from search engines and unregistered users.”  

What are the system requirements for using the NEJM Resident 360 site?

You can access the NEJM Resident 360 site using most current desktop browsers and mobile devices:

  • Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers, or Internet Explorer 11.
  • Recommended: Google Chrome, version 50+.
  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.
  • Please note that Microsoft has ended its support of Internet Explorer versions below IE 11.

NEJM Resident 360 links to content on,, and NEJM Knowledge+, and some of this content has additional requirements:

  • Some NEJM interactive content requires the Adobe Flash player, and cannot be shown on mobile devices running iOS.
  • More information about NEJM technical requirements are available on
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