About the Discussion

Working with Underserved Populations

Maybe you chose your residency program specifically for the patient population or maybe you are just now finding yourself in this clinical setting.  But, caring for underserved populations can be both challenging and rewarding.

NEJM Resident 360 would like to facilitate a discussion on working with underserved populations.  We want to bring you to the “table” with experts who have succeeded in making a real difference.  You can, too!

Some topics we plan to cover:

  • Screening for the social determinants of health.  Some problems have evidence-based screening questions and some don’t. What are the right questions to ask?
  • Food and Housing Insecurity. What does it mean to be “housing insecure?”  What can I do and what resources do I have?  The importance of making friends with a social worker.
  • Intimate Partner Violence. How do I ask such delicate questions? What if my patient answers, “yes?!”
  • Substance Abuse. What are the stages of change and where is your patient? If your patient is ready for change, what resources are available?
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