About the Discussion

The Microbiome and Clinical Medicine: Innovation and Emerging Therapeutic Pathways

The body's "genetic load" comprises about 1% human genes, with the rest belonging by and large to the critters in our intestines. That looming microbiome has been under intense study, especially now that Clostridium difficile infection can be eradicated fairly effectively with fecal transplants. Work is under way on the microbiome’s role in hepatic encephalopathy and ulcerative colitis, for example. We’ve brought together a group of innovators to field questions about this emerging therapeutic pathway, and to speculate about what the future holds for its role in clinical medicine. That’s where you come in – bring your questions, speculations, and doubts!

A short interview with one of our experts, Dr. Zain Kassam, provides perspective on the topic. Listen here.

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