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Surviving Your First Month as a Doctor—Advice from the Chiefs

Congratulations, you made it through four grueling years of medical school, and now people call you Doctor! But with great power comes great responsibility. And you want to do everything possible to not be a contributor to the “July effect”—the 10% increase in medical errors in teaching hospitals in the month of July.

Resident 360 wants to support you through this difficult transition, and has gathered the top medical chiefs from around the country to provide advice and guidance in a safe, protected space.

Some topics we plan to cover:

  • Nurses as your best friend. How to remember their names and build a trusting relationship. Does that mean that you should bring all new nurses cookies? Or is that too much?
  • Making your attending happy.  All the architypes—demanding and overbearing, clueless, and absent. 
  • The tricky patient situation. How do you know when to bump the situation up the chain of command? What is that chain of command? What if your resident’s not calling you back? Do you call the attending at 3am?
  • The scary family. What do you say and when do you say it? When do you need to involve others in the conversation? Who are those others, including attendings, patient advocacy, and ethics?
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