About the Discussion

Seeking a Better Society: Political Activism and Physician Advocacy

Maybe you’ve seen someone who started a community clinic to meet a gap in the service or successfully lobbied on Capitol Hill. You want to know where to start and what skills you need to become a physician advocate. Join us for a NEJM Resident 360 discussion about physician advocacy. Experts will share their personal stories and highlight skills that young physicians can build and integrate into their growing knowledge base.

Some of the questions we plan to address include:

  • Community advocacy – where do you begin if you notice gaps in access to care or disparities in care for certain patient groups in your community?
  • Political advocacy – when should you start a petition, write to a senator or lobby for changes in health care services or access?
  • Patient advocacy – how do you address the needs of an underprivileged patient and help them navigate in a difficult society?
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