About the Discussion

Rigid Abdomen? Blasts on the Blood Smear?....How Do I Call a Successful Consult?

Rigid abdomen? Blasts on the blood smear?....How do I call a successful consult?

Taking care of a complicated patient in the hospital often requires calling in the expertise of a consulting service. Your patient may need specialist input with a diagnostic workup or treatment, such as an infectious diseases specialist, or for procedural or interventional assistance, such as a general surgeon, gastroenterologist, or interventional radiologist. A successful relationship with a consulting service begins with a thoughtful consult question. How best can this team help you care for your patient? Come participate in a discussion with experts, including residents and fellows from other specialties, who can help answer your questions. Learn the language and lingo of an array of specialities to improve patient care. 

Some topics we plan to cover:

  • How do I ask an effective consult question?
  • How do I decide the urgency of a consult? When should I call overnight?
  • What should I do if I disagree with a consultant about the care of the patient?
  • How can I most effectively work with other health professionals in the collaborative care of the patient?
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