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About the Discussion

Race and Medicine

Several issues concerning race and medicine have come to the forefront of conversations today. These issues have implications for improving patient care, professional training, research, and public health. Based on the NEJM Race and Medicine Points of View series, we invite you to address current experiences with race in medicine, being a minority in medicine, the importance of having diversity in medicine, and how medicine can be made more inclusive for both patients and residents alike. We will also discuss racial disparities in medicine, which have been highlighted in the current Covid-19 crisis.

Day 1:  Health disparities in medicine  

Day 2:  Effective ways to care for black and minority patients  

Day 3:  Increasing trust with black patient care - ‘goals of care’  

Day 4:  How to make medicine more inclusive for minority trainees  

Day 5:  How to make medicine more inclusive for minority patients  

Day 6:  Medical education and race - 'How medical education is missing the bull’s eye’  

Day 7:  Race based algorithms - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’  

Day 8:  Effective ways to make medical institutions antiracist  

Day 9:  How to avoid minority taxation  

Day 10: Health disparities during COVID-19, and what has changed in medicine since BLM started. Next best steps. 

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