About the Discussion

Pursuing a Dual Degree: MD/PhD, MD/MBA, MD/MPH, MD/MEd, MD/MPP

Increasingly, medical schools are offering the option of dual degrees, residents are using dedicated research time to pursue these degrees, and attendings are going back to school for these degrees. Is the dual degree worth the time and tuition? We will discuss common questions such as:

  • Where do dual degrees fit in the landscape of training and beyond?
  • What is the best approach to applying?
  • Is undertaking a dual degree the right choice for you?
  • Is there a “best” time to apply for a supplementary degree?

Join this NEJM Resident 360 discussion with our panel of experts and moderators — including faculty, admissions experts, recent graduates, and medical students who have headed down the path of the dual degree — to gain more insight and get answers to these questions.

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