About the Discussion

Outside the Box: Alternative Post-Residency Jobs and Training Opportunities

After residency, many residents pursue specialty fellowships (see discussion on tips for applying to fellowship) or look for jobs in primary care or hospital medicine (stay tuned for upcoming discussions on how to find these jobs). What if you are looking for something a little different, outside of the traditional pathways of training? There may be a myriad of options in technology, health policy or medical journalism. How should you start looking for these opportunities? For this discussion, our experts are mostly recent residency graduates who have chosen less traditional post-residency jobs. Come ask them questions about how they found their positions and why they chose their individual paths.

Some questions we hope to answer:

  • How do I find jobs and opportunities in health policy?
  • When is the right time to take time out of training?
  • What experience will I be expected to have when applying for these jobs?
  • How can I integrate my interest in technology with my career in clinical medicine?
  • What options are available for becoming a physician-writer? How do I get my work out there? 
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