About the Discussion

On the Front Lines with Covid-19: What can we learn from each other?

With breaking news every hour, it’s hard to stay ahead of the tide of information on Covid-19. As physicians, we work on the front line, where information and sound decision-making are key to protecting patients and ourselves. Have you seen patients who were exposed to, suspected to have, or confirmed as having Covid-19 at your institution? Do you have questions or concerns about how to adequately prepare for what’s coming?

  • What can we learn from one another on how to prepare, treat and recover? 
  • How are your institutions making plans to protect medical staff? 
  • How are your residents and trainees involved, and how are they coping? 
  • What will happen with resident training and medical student education during and after this crisis?

We invite you to share your experiences in this open forum discussion.

For more information from NEJM Group, see the Coronavirus (Covid-19) page on NEJM.org.

View and share case reports of patients treated at your hospital in a separate forum, Covid-19 Case Reports.

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