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No More Lectures? The Changing Landscape of Medical Education

There is a growing transformation in medical school classrooms across the country as programs move from the traditional large audience lectures to small-group, team-based learning environments. This “flipped classroom” model emphasizes preparation prior to class and using time with teachers to address the “how” and “why” questions. University of Vermont was the most recent medical school to make headlines by discarding lectures, and Drs. Richard Schwartzstein and David Roberts wrote a timely Perspective article on this topic in the August 17, 2017, issue of the NEJM. We’ve invited expert medical educators from across the country to discuss the future of medical education. Please join us and ask them what they think will be the impact of these changes and how to best learn in the digital age. Oh, one last thing, there is homework: Please do read Dr. Schwartzstein’s article when you have the time! You can also listen to Dr. Schwartzstein in an accompanying interview.

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