About the Discussion

NEJM CareerCenter Conversations: Transitioning to a Career in Digital Health


Digital Health companies received $4.5 Billion in total investment in 2015. However, these funded startups are finding it extremely difficult to recruit and hire qualified physicians to steer their product and market strategy. There is already an extreme shortage of physicians to fill clinical demand, and now digital health and Health IT technology companies have added to the demand for physicians. As a physician, it's great to be in demand, but how do you decide if a career in Digital Health is right for you?


Some questions we will answer in this discussion:

  • What exactly is digital health?
  • How does salary & benefits compare to traditional clinical jobs?
  • How do you find a digital health company that's a good fit for you?
  • Can you continue to see patients while also working at a digital health company?
  • What are the risks and potential rewards of working for a digital health company?

Plus, as always, we welcome any questions that you may have for our experts. Simply click "Post Your Question" and ask anything!


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